Thursday, October 9, 2008

My new chariot!

Well given that Im such a legend, and I can't possibly travel in anything but utter luxury, I made my mother buy me some new wheels...

She's ordered me a brand spanking new Hatton Float and I just hope my beautiful big butt fits in it ok. She assures me it will...but you know, seeing is believing.

I have my first party this weekend, and I can't wait to kick up my heels and meet some new friends!

Given my mothers obsession with grooming me, she's taken the day off work tomorrow in order to make sure Im sparkling clean for my debut. Honestly, she's a bit obsessive compulsive I think....psych ward might be wanting their patient back soon...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

NZEF SJ Cards...

Well...what a coincidence...I received my NZEF Bulletin in the mail this morning (because I subscribe don't youo know) and I was thrilled to see that they have made the 2008-09 SJ Show Dates card guessed it! YELLOW!

How proud am I.

Every time you look at your card now, I want you all to think of ME.


The inspiration.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jumping Clinic with Des Lowe!

Welllll! Hello fans! Its been so long since my last post but lets face it, who wants to talk about the weather? I sure as eggs don't!

So this weekend was a 3 day jumping clinic. Nothing like a bit of jumping to blow out some winter cobwebs right? My Auckland mother came down for the weekend and I thought I had better do my best impression of a rodeo pony in case she decided to take me back with her. Hell, I don't want to go back there, Ive only just got Wellington mum trained!

I was SO naughty on the first day, I was just so excited to be out and about and who cares if it frightens small children to see me cavorting around! And, I have to say, I thought it was rather rude for Auckland mum to loudly proclaim that she thought I looked like a camel. How rude.

Des thinks that Im a bit of a clown, but really I was just warming up. Who wants to sit around all day chatting and working out how to turn corners properly? I don't! I want to jump big fences and go WHEEEEEE when I go down the grids. It makes my mum go white in the face, and gives my Auckland mum something interesting to take photos of. Including my handsome butt:

I did quite like a little grey horse who was in my group...I kept sidling over to him and no matter how much mum tried to drag me away I soon inched closer again. He kept squealing like a girl though whenever I got close. I think he likes me.

After the first days exploits, I was exhausted and decided I didn't want to do the 2nd day, so I sat up all night trying to pull off my shoe. Finally I got it off, and I flung it as far into the mud as I could. To my horror, mum found it and got someone to put it on for me!!!! Some guy called Alan held me for the farrier and I bit him - he said that what I needed was to go high country mustering for about a week, and then I'd have something to complain about ! Honestly, the nerve of some people.

Anyway, I had to jumpity jump, and show off my best side (my belly), and though I did some airs above ground again (have to keep up my reputation) I did try to behave. I even did perfect flying changes - I do like to show off and am rather exhuberant with my changes. I even do one time changes though generally its when Im coming into a big fence and mum won't let go of my face, rather than up the centreline during a GP dressage test!
I had a bit of a stretch before I went back to bed...

Anyway, thats my news for the weekend.

Its rather exhausting being me.

Monday, August 4, 2008


So anyway I was eating my dinner the other night, the food lady felt sorry for me cause of the fowl weather so gave me an extra big bucket Tehehe. I was minding my own business when that pesky duck came up to me and tried to get into my it takes a lot of food to keep this great figure so there is no way I intend on sharing.
I thought I would scare the duck away so went to chase it! I am usually super light on my hooves but for some reason I slipped and fell flat on my face!!!! I was so mad but got up quietly and walked over to food lady just to check she didn't get a fright!....of course I was fine but just had to check she was.
Mental note to self dont chase the pesky duck when the ground is wet!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

About me!

Here I am at the Taupo training HT. I closed my eyes as I don't like water getting into them, it messes up my contact lenses. I can't wear glasses as they make my nose look big.

Hello all you minions, my name is Yellow. Yellow by name, Yellow by colour.

I was born a long long time ago, (well about 9yrs ago) in a little northland town called Dargaville. My mummy was a little slapper by the name of Madonna...she was only a pony and grey. My daddy was a successful eventing sire called Spectator, who was by Aberlou. Spectator was also grey, so you can IMAGINE the surprise of my owners when I popped out to say hello to the world!

Grey + Grey = YELLOW!

It turns out that one of my great grandparents was a yellow, so I guess I am technically a throwback.

So..the first few years of my life I was running feral on the hills, until one day my life was rudely interrupted by this process called breaking in. SO much for living on the hills.

I was broken in, and then - god forbid - I was sent off to play polocrosse. By this stage I was a towering 16.3hh as a 4yr old, and Im not sure why they thought I would be good at it..though I did learn to balance and do wicked flying changes. (And we won't even MENTION when I was was a truely traumatic experience!)

Im not so sure about the flying stick though...

Then they took me hunting! Well, actually, I took THEM hunting. Carted them round on an easter hunt and tried my best to keep up at the front. Pity they didn't want me at the front.

At age 5 1/2 I was put up for sale...sad but true...I was deemed too big, too ugly, and lacking talent for eventing. A lady called Michelle rang to come try me, but my owner told her I was ugly, big, and more of a mans hack than a ladies she didnt' come see me. In the end I was sold to a lovely lady in Tairua who wanted me to stroll gently down the beach.

Sadly we had different ideas on what strolling meant.....

To me a stroll is best done at mach 10. To her, its best done at a walk. Whats with that?

So..after 6 months my new mum decided that I needed to go. She by chance emailed Michelle to ask to sell me on behalf. Well Michelle didn't want to as she figured that I must be feral for the new owner to be ditching me so fast! It took some fast pursuasion, plus a written agreement stating that if I misbehaved I would be sent home faster than lightning, but eventually I was delivered to Michelle's.

I decided to behave myself for her, and after 2 weeks she bought me herself. Thank goodness for that, I had just got her trained and didnt' want to be sold on too fast! I only have to yell at her and she comes to talk to me or give me food. If we are riding in the forest and I see a piece of long grass across the path, well why should I touch it when I can jump clean over the top? And as for going on the took a bit of pursuasion but now I love Tonka and happily travel in him!

So...we went to lots of parties together, dressage (blech), show jumping (yippee!), show hunter (Boooring!) and eventing (yee ha grandma!).

I won my first two show hunter classes, and was proud to show off my flying changes. I think Im pretty flash when I do them and sometimes even give a little squeal.

We did some training level horse trials and this was fun. I do wish she would let me do the bigger stuff though, as I go like a rocket and jump big anyway.

I especially think Im looking particularly handsome in this photo. I even became a coverboy when the NZEF decided to use me on the front of their November 07 magazine. I tell you, Ive been hiding from the paparazzi ever since!
Take note that not only did my mother and her friend Gina dye my tail (yes, they DYED it!), but they painted my legs with black makeup! Good god! Next they will be putting mascara on me...well...if its good enough for Perez Hilton...well, who am I to complain? Perez is my hero... One day my blog will be as famous as his.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I am sitting in the paddock not doing much as my mum has got too many other young TBs to work. Apparantly because Im never going to be sold, she doesn't ride me as much as the others. RUDE if you ask me.

I started to behave like a delinquent. Screaming whenever I saw her, galloping down the driveway paddock to follow her car, picking up my bucket and throwing it at her, pulling the taps off the trough, climbing down into the swamp to eat the best grass, oh and lets not forget giving her a $500 vet bill on christmas day because I beat the crap out of my paddock mate!

Then she bought a new Yellow. His name is PoppaFlash. he is 3 times my age, but I think he's just saying that to gain sympathy. I threw my feed bowl at him, and then chased him round the paddock and he ran fast so I think he's lying about his are some pics of me and Poppa. Poppa has his own blog too, but he's too dumb to write it himself.

Anyway, enough was enough she decided, and so I got evicted. The witch sent me to windy Wellington! She said that my new mum Megan will give me more attention than she can give me, and hopefully it will stop me being such a delinquint. (have I got news for THEM!)

New mum Megan came to visit me and I took her to the beach. The beach is great for galloping and behaving like a dolphin. I was on my best behaviour, and didn't once try to lay down on the sand while she was on me, like I do with my other mum. I did however have quite a roll in the black sand when we had finished gallavanting like Robin Hood!

So...Im now happily in wellington with my new mum Megan. My Auckland mum Michelle says that Im allowed to stay with Megan for as long as I like, and that Im not allowed to be too naughty or else I'll get sent home to Auckland. I don't want to travel 12 hours in a truck again, so I will try to behave..but I can't promise anything.... Here I am looking handsome, at my new home in Wellington. I don't like ducks, but I do like that my mummy brings me red clover hay and lots of yummy food whenever I so much as look at her with my big brown eyes. See, its not so hard to train you humans after all!